Monday, July 21, 2008

Posting from Jolly Ol' England

I finally have contact with the outside world (sort of). My sister finally has her computer up and running, so I can post some pictures of my vacation so far. It has been amazing seeing my sister, my niece, and nephew but I can't believe how much work it is to run a pub. When we got here, after spending one night in London, Lisa was running around like crazy. They hardly have a minute free. We finally got Lisa to leave the pub today for some girl time. Who knows when the last time she got a chance to do that.

The country side is absolutely beautiful. It is undescribable. I have tried to take pictures of it but delete them right after because they don't do it justice. We finally rented a car today so we can get out and see more of the country side. We are planning a trip to Bath and to Wales. Here are some of my pictures from my trip. I will get more pictures of Sophie and the country side to post.

Trying to get the babies to pose for the picture. At least Jason and I are looking at the camera.

A pub we went to eat at in London. The flowers were amazing!

Ashley and I in Lisa's pub. It was packed that night. There is only about 500 people in the town they live and I think half of them were at the pub that night.

Baby Matthew, he is absolutely adorable and the sweetest thing. All he does is smile. Love him

Lisa and I eating lunch in town.

Jason behind the bar. Didn't know we were takin the picture hence the look on his face.

Lisa and Matthew. He is truly a Lewis baby, with the big lips and big cheeks.


jennygirl said...
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jennygirl said...

(oops, deleted my comment, here it is again...)

Hello from Naples!!

It looks like you are having an AMAAAZING time. What precious memories you are creating with your sisters...and your neice and nephew are beautiful.

Love it all...enjoy!! :))

Kelly said...

OMG! I love these! You feel so far away so it was SO nice to see pictures of you!! Made me miss you even more! I bet you are having an amazing time soaking up your babies!! Don't they feel like your own!? Can't wait to see 100 more pictures!! Ok, make that 1,000!! They are adorable!!

Kelle said...

oh, sammy! i'm so glad you posted! The little flowered pub took my breath away. i would drink dark english beer (choke it down) just to sit at that pub! you look really are! and, most importantly, you look happy. smiling for you!
xoxo come home soon!

Steph C said...

Sam great to hear from you i miss you soooo much! I wish you were here with me:) I am so happy you get to spend time with your family though! Tell them hello the children are adorable! How fun! So beautiful I am sure it is unreal! I hope Lisa is able to get away and spend some time with you guys she sure needs too! and deserves too as well. I miss you lots. I am doing well loving Skye to pieces! She is amazing:) I don't get much sleep though! We miss you and can't wait to see you. Love you and miss you lots. We have never gone this long without talking I am a sad girl:)

Rayna said...

Miss you so much, but it looks like you are having so much fun! Your niece and nephew are too cute, I'm sure you're eating them up. Enjoy your time left, and we'll see you soon. Love you!