Wednesday, July 9, 2008

30 and Loving It!

My mom told me when she turned 30, she laid on the couch and cried all day long. I think I had this image in my head as my 30th birthday approached. That morning I woke up expecting some life altering change. I went to the mirror and stared at my face, looking for any signs of wrinkles. Do you just wake up one day and suddenly have a face full of wrinkles? I sure in the heck hope not! Anyway, after studying my face and feeling somewhat satisfied that the small lines I did see were there the day before, I waited for the realization that 'I am 30' to set in. It never did. I had a great birthday. Actually this part of my life seems more than great. I have great friends, a great husband, a wonderful family, and a good job. What is there to be upset about?

I sat around at my friend Kelly's house today for our weekly lunch and was so content. What an exciting time in our lives. Your thirties is a time to start feeling more secure with yourself. I remember turning 21 like it was yesterday. It was the summer before my senior year and we rented a party bus that took us around to all the different bars. At the time it was a blast, but my life at that point was filled with uncertainty. What am I going to do after I graduate? Do you I really want to be a business major (obviously not)? How am I going to pay for my next drink (definintly the hardest question of all)? It was so much fun ,but I wasn't secure in my life.

Weddings, babies, birthdays, and milestones. These are all the wonderful things that go on around me everyday. I finally feel secure with myself and with my life. So here I am 30 and loving it.

Ryan and I at Maribeth's wedding.

My brother in law, his wonderful girlfriend Theresa, Ryan, and I at Maribeth's wedding.


Kelly said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! I feel like I'm more comfortable in my own skin in my 30s and it's such a peaceful, content feeling!! I can so relate with what you're saying!! Such happiness surrounds us! Love it! Love you!

Kelle said...

So glad you feel this way. It's a choice we make every day to take "what is" as wonderful and embrace it...or to moan and groan which really is stupid because it doesn't change anything. Bring on 30, baby...bring on 40 and 50. Life is what you make it, and I love that you are makin' it grand! xoxo