Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grilled Cheese and afternoon tea

All I eat when I am in England are grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. I think that I am a little afraid of everything else. I don't eat meat so that rules out about 3/4 of the menu and the other portion I can't decipher, except for toasted grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. These are the American version of grilled cheese except cheesier and yummier!!! Another thing the English have right is afternoon tea. Why is it in America we have the mega-coffee giants that burn their coffee beans to make it taste bitter yet we will spend $4.00 easily on one of these burnt specialties? I do love a nice cuppa (the English term for teat) in the afternoon. Every few stores, there is another tea store. Starbucks is a thing that hasn't really caught on in these small towns and it is oddly refreshing.

Well this week we have been a little more adventurous. Ashley, my mom, and I decided we would go on a journey to North Wales, which is about 2.5 hours away from my sister. Jason was kind enough to let us borrow his GPS system so we programmed it and were set to kick back and enjoy the ride. This GPS system must be wanting to play tricks on us because it was not taking us on the main highways, which of course would be the most logical, instead it was trying to take us on these farm roads. When I say farmroads, you have to picture driving down a road the size of a parking lot space. I am not kidding. It was that big. It is a farm road so there are many tractors that speed down it and if you come head to head with one of these tractors, you a goner. So my mom was driving about 8 mph (a little on the fast side), and we traveled about 10 miles in 45 minutes. After realizing we were going no where fast we decided to buy a map. You can't beat the old fashion devices! We ended up the right track and had the most beautiful journey. The ocean was in the distance and we were driving through the lush, green mountains. I felt like someone should be playing bagpipes in the car to set the perfect mood.

Even though the grilled cheese is fabulous and tea is wonderful, I am a little homesick. I am trying to soak up all I an of my gorgeous niece and nephew because I am not sure when I will see them again. I have tried to take more pictures this week. Miss you all!

The farm road we traveled on for more than 45 minutes. This is supposed to fit two cars!!!

The drive up to North Wales. Unbelievable!

More of Wales

A river runs through it. This river ran right through the little town we were staying in.

Is this the next David Beckham or Tony Romo?

Are you kidding me with this face?

Sophie wanted in on the action.

Sophie smelling the flowers.

Posing with the scarecrows at the Victorian festival.
Happy at the pub.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Posting from Jolly Ol' England

I finally have contact with the outside world (sort of). My sister finally has her computer up and running, so I can post some pictures of my vacation so far. It has been amazing seeing my sister, my niece, and nephew but I can't believe how much work it is to run a pub. When we got here, after spending one night in London, Lisa was running around like crazy. They hardly have a minute free. We finally got Lisa to leave the pub today for some girl time. Who knows when the last time she got a chance to do that.

The country side is absolutely beautiful. It is undescribable. I have tried to take pictures of it but delete them right after because they don't do it justice. We finally rented a car today so we can get out and see more of the country side. We are planning a trip to Bath and to Wales. Here are some of my pictures from my trip. I will get more pictures of Sophie and the country side to post.

Trying to get the babies to pose for the picture. At least Jason and I are looking at the camera.

A pub we went to eat at in London. The flowers were amazing!

Ashley and I in Lisa's pub. It was packed that night. There is only about 500 people in the town they live and I think half of them were at the pub that night.

Baby Matthew, he is absolutely adorable and the sweetest thing. All he does is smile. Love him

Lisa and I eating lunch in town.

Jason behind the bar. Didn't know we were takin the picture hence the look on his face.

Lisa and Matthew. He is truly a Lewis baby, with the big lips and big cheeks.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Holiday to Great Britain

I am heading to England tomorrow; to the fields of sheep, the land of Guiness, and the birthplace of Hugh Grant, and the home of bad teeth. I love how my friend Kelle describes my England trip. She tells me that she envisions that I am Cameron Diaz in the movie "The Holiday" where I am in the middle of no where with only sheeps and pubs around me. That pretty much is spot on (learning to speak like a Brit).

You see, on my Holiday, I will be spending it with my sister, her fiance, and my niece and nephew (to see how cute they are, see previous post). It's funny whenever I tell someone I am heading to England they envision London and all the wonderful sightseeing. Yes, I will be spending a few days in London, but most of the time will be spent in the farmlands outside of Wales. My sister owns a pub and they live upstairs from the pub, very convenient! This pub is located in the remote area of Herefordshire. I decided to see just how remote this place is so I logged on to Google Earth to get a better idea. God Bless Google Earth!! So I put in the address and it flew me there. Can anyone say "Big Brother"? It really is amazing and kind of creepy. As it was getting closer to their town there was nothing except big square patches of green. I am not kidding!! In the middle of all these square patches laid a pub. But in that pub there lays my beautiful neice, my adorable nephew, and my wonderful sister. So as much as I may be Cameron Diaz from the "Holiday" ( although I already have my Jude Law), I will be relishing in the joy of being with my family. I will chalk one up for experience.

I will try to post when I am out there but if I don't get a chance, I will be back on August 1 and ready to see what has been happening over here in the good ol' USA. Miss you all!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures of Skye

Here are some adorable pictures of Skye Rose Conforti and I think I figured out how to add videos!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Skye Rose is born today!

An amazing, beautiful baby was born today. Her name is Skye Rose Conforti. I can not believe how much I miss her after being away from her for 2 hours! What an amazing God we have to give us these angels from heaven. I ran into a OBGYN on one of my most recent shopping trips and he told me when a baby is born it is the closest you will ever get to God in your living life. And today that proved true. These are my words to the sweet Skye.

Tonight I hope you sleep peaceful and don't have any scary dreams.

I hope as you grow up you know how much your mommy and daddy wanted you and love you.

I hope you know that as soon as your daddy saw you his heart turned to mush.

I hope you get your mommy's spirit and drive.

I hope you know how many people texted your Auntie Sammy the day you were born to find out anything about you.

I already love so many things about you:

I love how your bottom lip quivers when the nurse puts the cold stethoscope on your chest.

I love how analytical you are already.

I love your beautiful dark hair.

I love you sweet blue eyes.

I love your dimple in your chin.

I love your soft skin.

You are an amazing gift to this world and I want you always to realize that.

"People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don't even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child -- our own two eyes. All is a miracle."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

30 and Loving It!

My mom told me when she turned 30, she laid on the couch and cried all day long. I think I had this image in my head as my 30th birthday approached. That morning I woke up expecting some life altering change. I went to the mirror and stared at my face, looking for any signs of wrinkles. Do you just wake up one day and suddenly have a face full of wrinkles? I sure in the heck hope not! Anyway, after studying my face and feeling somewhat satisfied that the small lines I did see were there the day before, I waited for the realization that 'I am 30' to set in. It never did. I had a great birthday. Actually this part of my life seems more than great. I have great friends, a great husband, a wonderful family, and a good job. What is there to be upset about?

I sat around at my friend Kelly's house today for our weekly lunch and was so content. What an exciting time in our lives. Your thirties is a time to start feeling more secure with yourself. I remember turning 21 like it was yesterday. It was the summer before my senior year and we rented a party bus that took us around to all the different bars. At the time it was a blast, but my life at that point was filled with uncertainty. What am I going to do after I graduate? Do you I really want to be a business major (obviously not)? How am I going to pay for my next drink (definintly the hardest question of all)? It was so much fun ,but I wasn't secure in my life.

Weddings, babies, birthdays, and milestones. These are all the wonderful things that go on around me everyday. I finally feel secure with myself and with my life. So here I am 30 and loving it.

Ryan and I at Maribeth's wedding.

My brother in law, his wonderful girlfriend Theresa, Ryan, and I at Maribeth's wedding.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just needed a little inspiration...

When I started my blog I vowed to write in it every other day. Well, as you can see that hasn't happened. I needed a little inspiration on what to write. Of course when I have kids it will be so exciting to post the pictures on my blog. I will always feel inspired. So yesterday as I was going through my morning routine of checking my emails, I became inspired. My brother in law sent me new pics of my beautiful niece and adorable nephew. I have yet to meet my nephew, Matthew. It's amazing how you can love someone so much without even meeting them. As I said in an earlier post, I will be going out to England to see these beautiful babies. My sister lives just outside of Wales in a farming community. The closest store is 15 miles away!!!!!! Oh well, at least I will save some money. My sister and brother in law do own a pub though and even better, they live upstairs from the pub. I would take the pub over the mall any day of the week. Here are some beautiful pictures for you to enjoy....
Sophie making a very funny and cute face!

Sophie making sure her brother knows who is number 1!

I want to squeeze those cheeks!

Who is that snuggle bunny?

Not sure if this is Sophie at my wedding or if she just likes to put on the dress and relive the day.