Wednesday, January 28, 2009

26 Weeks and counting....

Time is officially standing still.
Somedays I feel like I will carry the baby until I am old and wrinkled. Can you imagine? Too weird! Other days though seem to fly by and a part of me starts to panic. I haven't gotten my furniture, I haven't taken my labor and delivery class, I haven't had my shower, how could it be moving so fast? That's not a day I had today. Today was endless.
I just read my blog about my flutters and it's crazy how much changes in 8 weeks. I don't just have flutters now, I have punches. Sometimes I feel like I have a 12 lb. baby in there because there is no way a 2 lb. little baby can be this strong. At my 32 week appointment I expect to see some huge muscles on those arms! I am consumed with my pregnancy. I read baby magazines, go on every baby website imaginable to see what this week will bring although they all say the same thing, I watch every baby show and cry at every babies birth. It is all encompassing.
People ask me "Do you like being pregnant", my answer is absolutely, 100% yes. I feel like I am a part of a secret mothers club. When I pass another expecting mom, we grin at eachother like we have a secret. I love feeling the kicks even if I am awoken at 3:30. It is so worth every lb, every sleepless night, every bathroom trip, every drinkless weekend. It is worth everything. Do I like being pregnant? Without a doubt.
I can't wait to meet my sweet baby. It is 14 weeks until I hold that baby in my arms. I envision the delivery, I envision what the baby will look like. I have never been so sure and so unsure of something in my life. It is like a rollercoaster ride. So much excitement, so much fear, so much anxiety, and so much fun. I am ready for the rollercoaster ride. I will be sitting in the very frontrow, hands in the air, screaming "Woo-Hoo". Bring it on!