Wednesday, January 28, 2009

26 Weeks and counting....

Time is officially standing still.
Somedays I feel like I will carry the baby until I am old and wrinkled. Can you imagine? Too weird! Other days though seem to fly by and a part of me starts to panic. I haven't gotten my furniture, I haven't taken my labor and delivery class, I haven't had my shower, how could it be moving so fast? That's not a day I had today. Today was endless.
I just read my blog about my flutters and it's crazy how much changes in 8 weeks. I don't just have flutters now, I have punches. Sometimes I feel like I have a 12 lb. baby in there because there is no way a 2 lb. little baby can be this strong. At my 32 week appointment I expect to see some huge muscles on those arms! I am consumed with my pregnancy. I read baby magazines, go on every baby website imaginable to see what this week will bring although they all say the same thing, I watch every baby show and cry at every babies birth. It is all encompassing.
People ask me "Do you like being pregnant", my answer is absolutely, 100% yes. I feel like I am a part of a secret mothers club. When I pass another expecting mom, we grin at eachother like we have a secret. I love feeling the kicks even if I am awoken at 3:30. It is so worth every lb, every sleepless night, every bathroom trip, every drinkless weekend. It is worth everything. Do I like being pregnant? Without a doubt.
I can't wait to meet my sweet baby. It is 14 weeks until I hold that baby in my arms. I envision the delivery, I envision what the baby will look like. I have never been so sure and so unsure of something in my life. It is like a rollercoaster ride. So much excitement, so much fear, so much anxiety, and so much fun. I am ready for the rollercoaster ride. I will be sitting in the very frontrow, hands in the air, screaming "Woo-Hoo". Bring it on!


The Howard House said...

Sam - love the song. Great post too... I'm getting worked over these days too by our little nugget. I'm already on my two week appointments - can't believe it. Some days it totally feels like time is standing still, while others days I freak out because it's only a few more weeks away! Craziness!
Glad to hear you are well - miss u.

Leah said...

Great post! It gave me chills! I am so excited for you Sam! It's the best roller coaster ride ever... better than any amusement park you'll ever go to... hands down. Enjoy every moment.

jennygirl said...

Your words gave me goosebumps, Sammy! You are feeling every emotion in the spectrum of is a special, sacred time, and it's neat to watch from the sidelines as you take it all in. SOO happy for you.

And you are going to make a GREAT mommy.

Lucky baby. :)


Kelle said...

Oh, Sammy! I can feel your love. And sad I don't get to see you more to be able to watch you get all pre-mommy. It seems like forever...but SOAK IT UP. Oh, what I wouldn't do to rewind and do it all again. Love you...and so happy for everything you're feeling!

Kelly said...

Oh, I love these words! Brings me back to such a magical time! The magic only continues which is hard to believe, but it does and then some! I can't wait to meet him/her in May!!!!!! Love you both!!!

Steph C said...

Oh Sammy tears in my eyes. I love you so much and I love seeing you! You are even more beautiful pregnant if that is possible:) It is a rollercoaster and the most fun one you will EVER ride. I am so excited for you as the best is yet to come and you will be a wonderful mother... and when your angel is handed to you perfect and healhty you will just know what to do becuase you are its MOHTER! Is all you need to do is love and you have that part down the rest will come. I am just so exxcted I envision your delievery day and can't wait to be a part and help you through every thing. I love you and I love my niece or nephew SO much! xoxoxo

Heidi said...

i am so happy you are enjoying and eating up every moment of this pregnancy. you are part of a secret mother's club, i believe that!
i can feel your excitment and love for this little baby that is coming so soon.

can not wait to meet him or her.
love you and this little baby that is loved so much already.