Friday, August 8, 2008

Long Overdue

Okay, this post is long overdue. I think that it was hard for me to put into words my trip to England and coming back home. I did get very homesick and was ready to come back home, yet I was very sad to leave my family back in England. The worst part was the day I left, my niece wrapped her body around my legs so I couldn't leave. It was pretty emotional. Thank-you Lisa and Jason for having two amazing, beautiful children. I am blessed to have Sophie and Matthew as my niece and nephew. Now we just need to get you guys to move here so I can spoil the heck out of them!
Being in England did make me appreciate a lot about home. I think it is always good to go away a little bit because there is no feeling better than coming home. These are the things I missed while I was gone:

1. My husband

2. The girly days

3. My king size bed (slept with my sister in a double bed while I was in England)

4. My cat

5. My in-laws (yes, I am very fortunate to have great in-laws)

6. Being able to drive on the right side

7. All my friends babies

8. Air conditioning

9. Modern conviences (dryer, dishwasher, showers, etc)

10. City living (compared to where I was, Naples is NYC)

Things I will about England:

1. My sister

2. My niece and nephew

3. Jason (sorry, you are number 3)

4. The best grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches (I am hooked)

5. Afternoon tea

6. My daily walks in the forest

7. The unbelievable views

8. Being with my family

9. My evening drink in the pub

10. Again, my family!!! (That warrants two spots on the list)

Here are some more pics that I haven't shared yet. Cheers.

Mom and I after lunch.

The outside of my sisters pub.

Please forgive the weird noises I have to make to make him laugh. Anything for a smile!

Another amazing view of Wales. This was at the dams near my sisters house.

Mom and I after seeing the 'Jersey Boys' in London.

Mom and I in front of London Bridge.

Sophie and I laughing at the wind blowing us around.

There's Big Ben kids.


Kelle said...

Hi, Big Ben! I've been waiting for a Big Ben pic. He's my friend. ...and he's big.
We missed you too! But, I love how much fun you had and how bonded you feel to those babies after spending so much time with them! So worth it! xoxo

Rayna said...

I am sure that it was hard leaving your family; been there, done that! But I am so happy that you had a blast with everyone, we definitely missed you and glad you are home. xoxo

donna said...

Sam you are so blessed w/ amazing family, the cool thing is you already know! So fun to look at those Pictures!

Steph C said...

Your entries are so fun to read:) I love them! Yes it is always good to miss home. We often take home for granted so it is nice to miss it! Along with your wonderful husband and amazing friends. I sure did miss you! So happy you live five minutes from me I don't know what I would do if you lived any further. We are so lucky to live so close I learned to appreciate that while you were gone especially now that I have Skye! We both need you and can't wait until you have a niece or nephew for me and a best girlfriend or boyfriend for her.

Meagan N. Harris said...

Great pics Sam! Looks amazing... such a different world from here.

jennygirl said...

Great pictures, I know you had an amazing time!!

It must be tough to always be missing another place in the world, that holds a set of people that you love so much...but I'm glad you got to make such incredible memories with your sister and her family...I'm sure they LOOVED having you there!!!

and LOL on the Big Ben sentence at the end. :)

Heidi said...

those pics are amazing. it looks like you had such an amazing time!!!! your sis's pub is GEORGEOUS!!!!! I love the list to. I concur on tom and cheese grilled sammy j's-love them.

glad you are home. can't wait to see you!!!! love you.