Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye to Summer

Wow, what a wonderful summer I had. From the beginning it was amazing, I really don't think I will have a summer like that again. As I said before, 30 is great! The end of the summer always makes me a little sad. Especially after a summer like this. I shouldn't complain because what other job can you still look forward to summer vacations? Once I am back into the swing of things, I get over my post summertime blues but it takes me a good two weeks. I just want to look back on my amazing summer.

It started out with my big 30th surprise party. It was absolutley amazing and a very big shock! The surprise party was followed closely by my b-day trip to San Francisco and Napa. If you have never been to Napa, put it on your list. Amazing!! I have never been to Tuscany, but I can imagine this is what it looks like. Vineyards that seem to go on forever, sunsets to die for, little boutique hotels that have been around forever, and delicious wines. San Francisco was also incredible. I had no idea that it would be as beautiful as it was. I remember sitting at the top of the hotel, looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean thinking what could be better than this? Unforgettable.

I also got to spend the summer with my family. It is so hard for me to be far away from my family and it was wonderful that I had them with me the whole time. My husband is also amazing because he truly enjoys when they come and invade our tiny home. I feel so blessed.

It was also a summer of babies and there was some cute babies born! One special baby born was gorgeous Skye. It was the first time for me to be in hospital, so anxious to know if Steph and Joe were having a boy or a girl. When she told us it was a girl, that was incredible moment. What an angel!

The summer ended with my trip to England. Seeing my sister, Sophie, Matthew, and Jason was great. I fell absolutely in love with Matthew and even more in love with Sophie. They are such wonderful babies and it was such a great experience.

In between all of that excitement and vacations were the small moments. Lunch with friends, hanging out with family, dinner dates with my husband, having time to read books.

So goodbye to summer. I will see you next year. Who knows what this year may hold for me. I do know that a summer like this doesn't come around often and I feel blessed that I got to have the experiences that I did.


Steph C said...

Ahh that is so cute you put Skye in as one of your highlights of this summer. You sure did have a great summer and you deserve it! We do have the best job and next summer might even be better you never know:) I will be praying for your new addition! I can't wait! Love you

Rayna said...

The summer, what an eventful and exciting one for us all. It's almost like a year has taken place and we have to say goodbye and put it into our book of good memories and start our new chapter...blah, a school year. But, new memories to make, new adventures to take, and maybe the beginning of a new relationship??? Love you!

Heidi said...

what a great summer!!! i know how exciting and fulfilling a great summer can happy you had such a great one. so many exciting trips and experiences...
i love all the pics of you and your mom and ryan.

i can't wait to see you:) xoxo

Holly Smith said...

Sam you need to update your blog. :) :) Your summer looked like fun! Hope all is well. Love ya!