Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy birthday Stephanie!!

Today is my best friend's birthday. We have survived 17 birthdays together and have seen almost every aspect of eachother's lives. So Steph here is a tribute to you:

The first time I met Steph was freshman year in Bonnie Bowman's class. I was a quiet girl from Hawaii who didn't know anyone and Steph was this huge presence who seemed to know everyone. We were different in every way possible. She had the coolest, curliest hair and mine hung straight. She threw together these awesome outfits and I was so simple. We were as different as anyone could imagine so who would've thought we would end up as best friends. I don't even think we did. But after a bonding session at a party, we would be forever friends. So to you my dear friend. I hope you have an amazing birthday because you deserve it. I have seen you grow from a confident teenager to an amazing mother. You are not only my best friend but you are my family. I love you and happy birthday!!!!!!!


The Howard House said...

Sam - so sweet! I love your hair!!!

Steph C said...

Ahh Sam that is the nicest thing EVER. You are the best friend a girl could as for. Even though I have a loving husband and an precious daughter my life would not be complete without you. I love you more than anything our frienship is "one of a kind" and I am so blessed to have you as my best friend. Some people search a life time for a true friend and I have had mine for 17 years already. And the best is yet to come. I can't wait until we are both mommies! xoxoxo